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Hangzhou Bais Chemical Technology Co., Ltd

water-based corrosion inhibitors oil-based corrosion inhibitors Friction...

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Alkylated triphenyl phosphorothionate CAS:126019-82-7 pressure additive replace Irgalube 211
Product Code: E1412Brand Name: Runlube 211CAS No.: 126019-82-7Main Content: P: 4.3% S: 4.4%Application: Extreme pressure
Glyoxyloyl keratin amino acids GKA CAS:1269630-89-8
Product Code: C1519Brand Name: Aqua-natural GKACAS No.:1269630-89-8Main Content: 99.5%Application: Glyoxyloyl keratin am
Alternative of Irgalube 63 CAS:71735-74-5 pressure additive
Product Code: E1413Brand Name: Runlube 63CAS No.: 71735-74-5Main Content: S:21.5% P:9.7%Application: Runlube 63 is an as
Dithiophosphate derivative CAS:268567-32-4 pressure additive alternative of Irgalube 353
Product Code: E1416Brand Name: Petrolem Runlube 353 CAS No.: 268567-32-4Main Content: P: 9.3%, S: 19.8%Application: Runl
Molybdenum oxide sulfide, dibutyldithiocarbamate complex CAS:68412-26-0 replace Sakura-lube 600
Product Code: F1411Brand Name: Molyrun ACAS No.: 68412-26-0Main Content: Mo:25- 30%Application: used as additive for lub
Molybdenum di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphorodithioate CAS:68958-92-9 replace Molyvan L
Product Code: F1412Brand Name: Molyrun MoDDPCAS No.:68958-92-9Main Content: Mo:9.5- 10.5%Application: used as additive f
Sodium pyrithione SPT CAS:3811-73-2 antibacterial
Product Code: C1512Brand Name: SPTCAS No.:3811-73-2Main Content: 40.0%Application: Sodium pyrithione is mainly used for
Copper pyrithione CPT CAS:14915-37-8 antibacterial
Product Code: C1513Brand Name: CPTCAS No.: 14915-37-8Main Content: 97.0%Application: Copper pyrithione is a broad-spectr
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